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What the different transfer types are that we offer 


Iron-on transfers are images that can be imprinted on fabric. They are frequently used to print onto T-shirts. On one side is paper, and on the other is the image that will be transferred in reverse. The image is printed with iron-on transfer inks. You can use a home iron to transfer on to many substrates. Cotton or cotton blend fabric works best for iron-on transfers. Other types of fabric may melt from the heat of the iron. You can also use wool, silk, velveteen, velour, denim (the softer the better), and lycra. Iron on Transfer Paper is commonly refered to as T-Shirt Paper, applications however are not limited to T-shirts and the paper can be used on aprons, cotton bags, pillowcases, tablecloths and even on hard surfaces such as wood.

These transfers are screen printed with plastisol ink on a special release paper.  Traditional screen printing equipment is used to create these transfers. Screen print transfers can be used on a variety of textiles, including cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, wood, canvas, glass, etc.   These transfers have a light weight feel on the garment if pressed correctly.
We do offer custom screen print transfers, however there is a minimum order quantity required due to the print process.

These transfers are printed with disperse dyes on a paper that has a special polyester coating using a configured printer specifically for the sublimation process. Sublimation transfers must be pressed on lighter colored high polyester apparel items.  When pressed, the ink changes from a solid to a gas.  As a heated gas, the ink is able to dye the polyester fibers of the fabric instead of the ink lying on top of the fabric.  These transfers have no texture or weight when pressed on the garment because the fibers of the garment are being dyed rather than an ink sitting on top of the garment.  We do offer custom sublimation transfers with no minimum order quantity.

These transfers are printed with water-based inks on a special clear polyester film that requires a powder adhesive coating and heat curing to finalize the print process. These transfers can be pressed on cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blends.
These transfers have a light weight feel, however they are a bit heavier than a screen print transfer.  However, the vibrancy of the water-based inks is superior to what you will get out of a full color screen print transfer. We only offer Ready to Sell (RTS) DTF Transfers.  We do NOT offer custom DTF transfers at this time 

If you have a very detailed design, or maybe only need a few full color designs, the superior print method is Direct to Garment Printing.  DTG Printing uses specialized aqueous ink jet technology to print the design directly on the apparel item.  The color and ability to print fine details is unmatched with any other print method.  In this instance, we would print the design directly onto the apparel item and send you the finished product to provide to your customer(s).

We will soon be able to offer custom embroidery.  Polos, sweatshirts, hats, etc. 

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